Be prepared the moment you step off the plane or cruise ship.


90 minutes to a new world of communication and connection!

Would you like to visit Mexico and be able to have a conversation with the wonderful people you meet?

Would you like to express your needs or wants to your taxi driver, waiter or housekeeper?

Would you like to feel equipped to visit to a local restaurant a bit farther off the beaten path?

If you answer YES!, but, you don’t have years to learn
all the intricacies of Spanish,

Survival Spanish Cozumel was created specifically for you!

You can:

  • Change your Mexican experience completely by learning essential Spanish Survival phrases.

  • You will be able to ask for help, express your needs and wants.

  • Special focus on restaurants, hotels, beach clubs and shopping needs.

  • Get local recommendations.

  • Be ready the second your plane lands or your boat docks.


ONLY 90 minutes!

Absolutely no frills. Learn only the absolute essentials.

Save your precious vacation time by learning BEFORE you travel!

(If this leaves you hungry for more, of course we have you covered!)

Survival Spanish / 90 min Online Class (level1)

         $35 Private*

         $25 Semi Private* / group up to 4 students maximum

* Including the Survival Learning Guide (laminated or PDF via email)

Please let us know the day and time that you want to take your class. Gracias


How much can I learn in just 90 minutes?  The short answer is A LOT! In this class, you will learn power verbs in Spanish and how to use them in real situations. Within minutes you will be learning, speaking and role playing in Spanish.


What exactly is covered in this class? You will learn various greetings, absolute survival phrases, numbers, the verbs “Need” and “Want” in context with specific travel related essentials, how to talk to a shopkeeper/hotel staff and how to order in a restaurant/beach club.


Is this an online or in person class? Whatever you like. We recommend that you learn BEFORE you come. That way, from the moment you step off the plane or cruise ship, you are prepared. If you prefer to do it in Cozumel, of course, we will teach you here!

How many modules are there in Survival Spanish Cozumel?  The first 90 minute class is designed to be a stand- alone class. We also have three more 90 minute classes to take the skills you learned and expand on them. All in all, there are 4 classes. All are specific to traveling in Mexico.


How much is the class? The 90 minute class is $35 for a private lesson or $25 per person for groups of 2 to 4. Groups are fun because you have more people to practice with, while private classes give you more individualized attention.


What is included in the course?  You will also receive a portable “mini manual” to take with you, and “homework” to reinforce your learning! (optional, of course).


“Be a traveler, not a tourist”

Refund Policies

We will refund you upon receiving your cancelation notification by email:

  • Within 30 days, we reimburse 100% minus $5 Administration Fees


  • Within 14 days, we reimburse 15% of the total amount  


  • After 14 days, no reimbursement  


Our school is a local Boutique Academy and cancelations affect us deeply.


Custom classes are available upon request. Please contact us at seacozumel@yahoo.com  / 987-106-5921

* Online booking and payment are required 1 week in advance.

* S.E.A Spanish Immersion School accepts Paypal for safe, secure and reliable online payments.